2020 was a long year i must say. It was beautiful for some, horrible for some and totally confusing for others. It was a year of reflection. Change is constant so we had no choice adapting to them. What are you most thankful for this year? As you read this article i want you to remember that ONE thing that brings light to your heart and keep it in mind. 

This year like previous years, no matter how we felt we had the responsibility of owning up to our feelings and presenting them in the best way we could. I mean, we had to survive anyway. Something that mainly determined our results were the choices and decisions we had to make and the attitude we put up while making them. I have a personal vision in my head of how i react to people and situations. I always put on a positive and enthusiastic look because i am more satisfied with the way the person i am communicating with feels. The aim is always to produce a positive atmosphere. No matter how i feel, i do not put it on people because that feeling is temporal. I do not want to put a negative permanent impression about myself to the other person.

I learnt a couple of things that shaped me so far, first being alive in the time of a global pandemic, imagine the mental pressure. I have always known that life is snatched away from you in a second but this pandemic made it look even faster than a second. I do not want to talk too much about corona virus here because trust me its a depressing situation but i sincerely hope that we are keeping safe and strong always. This too shall pass.


Not every time a child is born with a silver spoon but what every child is born with is love, hope and positivity. Just like a baby that has no idea whats going on but still embracing and spreading love, grown humans can develop a mindset that adjust favorably to positive light. 

Practicing being in the moment is something that is easy to say but actually difficult to practice, we are so carried away by thoughts, fears, emotions or whatever that snatches the moment away from us. i know we hear it every time but here we go again. "LIVE LIFE FOR THE MOMENT. If you don't believe in that statement do you believe in DEATH? I wouldn't totally say you should not have plans for the future but relax on it, do what you have to do but limit your worries. LOL you must think i am a master of living in the moment, oh yes! i am still practicing, that's why i love writing things like this to remind me to practice what i preach.


I must say, i get inspiration from being alive and also seeing people alive who are in the constant pursuit of mental freedom and a positive life. Garyvee is a big motivation to me on that, he is a famous internet personality who has thrived in entrepreneurship, writing and speaking, in his life journey, you can get motivated by the happiness and positivity which he spreads around. I mean, he shows you to a large extent how easy it is to stay happy, its actually an effortless journey you have to embrace. I have several other people i look up to but most importantly, i believe strongly in myself.

I have had several people asking me how i manage to stay happy all the time. truth is, that question flatters me but then it also gives me a moment to reflect. I get excited to know i am actually reflecting my thoughts. I think about positive memories and feelings. i hold on to the things that fill my heart with joy. I have developed a strategy that works for me which is the TRIPS code. 

T- This too would pass.

R- Relax.

I- Involve yourself with things that interest you.

P- Play your part.

S- Suppress your worry with gratitude.

Not like bad things do not happen to me but i mean, if i could stop it from happening i will, so? LOL! Its not that easy to understand but like a said, its a constant reminder that you make to yourself that you deserve all of the positive things that the universe has to offer.

Another issue that the world faced this year is the battle for racial discrimination. It is more painful to know that racism is man made. Do we now treat humans like disease? I mean, we are fighting diseases to stay alive for peace and progress and also should we be fighting other humans? Sometimes racism is not even about color, its just from a mindset that does not know the importance of UNITY. Real ONE LOVE starts from our change of hearts, the law makers also have a heart. the fight is for ONE LOVE.

So what do we do 2021?


I thought about me, but yes i am not the only one reading this article so i have to be general. Everybody is in pursuit of one thing or the other. The aim is to have everyone on positive thoughts.

Here are 10 of my thoughts of activities we can do together to help us get more positive result is in the coming year and years coming. I mean, a healthy mental health plan is also a personal strategy that needs to always be developed and reviewed.

  1. Carry out a lot of research. A lot is going on around us and luckily we can know as much as what we try to find out.
  2. Do something you always wanted to do. There is no better time to take the risk than now.
  3. Free your thoughts from the things that bring you negative vibes.
  4. Be at peace with your past, present and anticipated future.
  5. Believe a little more in yourself and prospects every time, build your self confidence, not every time you owe people explanations on what you do or why you do it as long as you are doing something positive.
  6. Go out and exercise possibly register with a gym.
  7. Lets learn to stop procrastinating too much.
  8. Relax at every point and understand that things take time and effort.
  9. Stay observant and not disclose too much of your plans
  10. Believe in your inner self, by this the inspiration of God that is naturally instinct in us would be developed.


 Here is just one of my best photos in 2020. Highlights of beautiful moments, of course i wont come show you pictures of when i am crying. but trust me, i cried sometimes. I cried because i am human and its OK. The motivation are days like this when i can reflect and be thankful for every moment.

For my concluding thoughts? 2021 is the year we all have been waiting for, A year of fruitfulness, greatness and fulfillment. Lets go into it and explore our progress. Thanks for reading.


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