Hmmmm… now I am the writer of my own story, I hope you enjoy it.

So… it all started in 2020. Yes just a year ago. That was quick! That was so so fast! Do you guys know each other well? Are you guys ready? Forever is not a joke…

How did it start?

Well… I’ll say I was at the right place at the right time, well positioned to receive the blessings God had in stock for me. Why? I met MARIAM for the second time. First time we met, she obviously did not know I was supposed to be part of her life so we didn’t talk to each other. Lol… 

On a very good day, I was going through my WhatsApp status and I saw Amanda’s post of MARIAM. I was like I know this girl. Amanda as the sweet girl she is then said you and Mariam should hook up and be friends, she’s a really nice girl and Muslim like you. I liked the sound of that lol. Mariam and I got talking once in a while and blah blah blah. So to cut the long story short. Mariam told me about her new catch lol. She was head over heels for this guy mhen lol. She was even planning to go back to Nigeria just to meet this guy. Hmmmm!!! I’m my head I was like, must be NICE. At that time I was also coming to Nigeria for my brothers wedding so we decided to book our flight together.


Lol that’s is on the flight to Nigeria on 10th March 2020 which happens to be my boos birthday. Hand gloves? Lol yea… that’s when coronavirus was just starting.

All through that flight Mariam didn’t let me rest, I can’t wait to meet him blah blah blah! By the way… they are happily married now. She told me that his best friend liked me and he was waiting to meet me too and she asked if he has not sent me a message. I was like ah! Nobody message me oh, all those Yoruba demons blah blah blah! I was low key anticipating the message Sha lol because the way Mariam rub the love for my face en. Anyway we had our fun on the flight and we departed at the airport.

Mariam headed to her home in Lagos while I headed back to Abuja. I actually flew to Lagos because I wanted to be on the same flight with Mariam. *smiles*. Mariam finally met her boo. The rest is history… meanwhile, best friend never message me. I started to remove my mind Sha because I thought he was not interested.

The process

So… It’s getting interesting right? Oga finally messaged me on the 2nd of April 2020. Lol!!! When I saw the message I was shocked Sha, like so this guy still sent the message. Now this is where I drop your chats like I always told you I will. 

Lol… for me it was the way he was making laugh. I was enjoying his chat and I was just like this guy is funny. In my head ‘YORUBA DEMON’. You want to know what happened when he called? I would usually not take up video calls from a stranger, I mean the guts.  Lol… but… I took Ogas call oh. I was smiling sheepishly. 

We got talking and next thing oga said was ‘you are my wife, I am going to marry you’ I was just looking like lol ‘YORUBA DEMON’ we kept talking and I kept smiling, we later joined Mariam and her boo to the call and we all had fun talking to each other.

After the call I went to tell my big sister who I live with (Mummy Nathan) that I have found a husband. Lol. She was shocked, she asked how long I have known him and why am I sure he’s my husband? I was like we started talking today. I was  like that’s what I prayed for, it’s happening the way I prayed it. I told God I did not want my future husband to waste my time. Even if I felt he was ‘YORUBA DEMON’ my mind was seriously telling me that he is my husband. She said ok oh. I wish you all the best. Lol…

Speaking with his mum… 

It was 10th of April, his mummy’s birthday. He asked me to call her and wish her happy birthday. This was just like 8 days after we started talking. I did of course. I was just overwhelmed of how everything was happening fast. I called mummy. Happy baby like I am and sang mummy a happy birthday song. Mummy said she loves me. I was so so excited, you know the mother in law story in Nigeria lol. I immediately felt comfortable and welcomed in the family. I love mummy too, she makes sure I am happy. 

I knew this is the type of family I would love to marry into. 

Meeting his dad…

Hmmmm… now this is where the story even gets more interesting. Remember it was Covid-19 period. I intended to spend 2 weeks in Nigeria but then international flights stopped working. Lol. I was stuck in Nigeria. Local flights stopped working as well *smh* I was left with just video calls getting to know my new catch lol. He lives in Lagos while I lived in Abuja.

On the 20th of April 2021, that’s exactly 18 days after he started talking to me he said he wanted me to meet his dad. At that time his dad was posted to Abuja so we lived in the same city. Wow! I was shocked and nervous but I wanted this assurance too lol. I was happy… I spent the night preparing to meet my father in law lol.

The next day 21st of April, the deal day. He told me not to worry that his dads PA was coming to pick me from home. Hmmm I was like OMO see VIP treatment oh. I was excited but had to contain it. Uncle Femi daddy’s PA picked me from home and I was nervous all through the ride.

I finally met daddy, I went straight to kneel and hug him with the brightest of smiles. With the way he received me I could tell he liked me already. Lol! I was not wrong… daddy is a blessing to us. Daddy is one of the most humble human beings I have met. He said I was so soft spirited and soft spoken and we laughed and chatted through the day. We also had lunch together. It was a fun filled day for me. I spent almost the whole day with him till he closed and went to drop me at home. He bought me yahuza Suya and handed me an envelope. Omo God don fulfil my heart desires was all in my head.

I took this picture for boo before I left home. 

Hmmm you’ll say I’m already blowing kiss. Truth is till today Mayor be telling me he didn’t ask me to be his girlfriend, he asked me to be his wife. How we started dating I don’t know. How I got to the level of blowing kiss I don’t know but I know I already started playing wife roles. Lol.


 Holding our relationship…

We kept on going stronger and stronger, I won’t say it was easy. Normal relationship and ups and downs. One thing was for sure, we were connected somehow. I think I was a bit scared of how serious we were becoming so fast. I have always been scared of marriage lol. I mean… the whole responsibility that comes with it. To be honest, what held me down was the fact Mayor is a kind man, he’s a good person. I was sure these characteristics are what I wanted.

We kept talking and talking and talking…

Then my birthday June 30 sealed up the love for me. Lol. The birthday package he had for me blew my mind. The one I loved most was the painting. Wow!!! 

The art that blew my mind.

We couldn’t spend my birthday together because of the lockdown…

Fast forward to July 10th. I met my heartbeat for the first time.

I was anxious to go and get him from the airport. Behold!! My tall dark chocolate is here. We hugged so warmly. He felt like home. I loved his perfume and I didn’t hesitate to mention it.

Finally… we visited his dad at his office, we spent good time together and we all went out. I love the closeness they share in their family. I was so attracted to this bond. 

When he came to my house in Abuja.

I cooked better jollof rice for him… he still tells me he remembers the taste of that jollof lol.


He took me out… we had a nice time and we really bonded.

Meeting my mum…

Boo heard my mum was in Abuja and he said he needed to come and see her. August 19th he landed Abuja. He met my mum on the 23rd of August. My mum loved him. She kept telling me that he is good for me. He’s a good man and blah blah blah. 


The story continues…

So so so… that is basically our love story. I later visited in Lagos, he visited in Abuja again… I followed him to his hometown. Blah blah blah… we just kept the relationship going. We shared beautiful memories together. He was especially helpful because at that time I was trying to finish up my LLM dissertation and it was really stressing me out. He was patient with me all through. He’s still very patient tho. Something I love most about him. 

The proposal…

So… he invited me to Lagos. It was our chill as usual and then he said he needed to do something for his company, he runs a tourism company (seeplacesglobal). He said he wanted us to go on a boat cruise. Ok oh… 

His best friend and Mariam are also coming to town because he runs the company with his best friend and all that. We got excited about it tho. Did I suspect a proposal? Yes. Was I sure? No.

To think that a night before the proposal I had one of my numerous mood swings. Lol. I’m still super grateful I married a man that understands my soul.

On 19th September, the big day lol… we went on water, and he pooped the big question. Will you marry me? I laughed and said a resounding YES. I laughed because I suspected and again, this is really happening? Wow it’s happening. 

Errrmmm did I forget to mention that I specially thank Soliu for persuading Mayor to talk to me. He was literally reminding Mayor to send me a message. He knew Mayor would like me. He saw me on Mariam’s post and recommended me to his friend. So without him, this union for no work oh. I get confused him or Mariam who introduced me to my husband. What do you think? Hmmm that one na story for another day lol. 
This is us #Theelhajjunion and #Themayorsralleey This was the day of Mariam’s proposal.

Post Proposal…

We carried on with our beautiful lives, this time more serious. Reality hit that this is the person I am spending the rest of my life with. Even if I kept hearing it’s just proposal, if you are not sure you can return the ring. Mhen!!! I was sure. I knew I wanted to marry him. Sometimes we quarrel lol but we knew we wanted each other.

It was time for me to go back to Dublin. Borders have now opened. 

Lol our flight was booked for 10th October. So now we came from Dublin single and now we are going back with ring lol. We packed our bags Sha… took off just like we came in 

Mariam actually got these shirts for us (Anko) you know she’s madam extra lol. 

We arrived Dublin safely Alhamdulilah.

I graduated, started a new job. But what was most important for me is to come back home and get married lol. I was missing my baby. I wanted forever to come fast.

Time went by fast. Fast forward to May 29th 2021 I arrived Lagos Nigeria. I was super excited to see oga again.

The introduction…

11th July 2021 I introduced the love of my life to my family, I brought him and his family all the way from Abeokuta to Okpella. Alhamdulilah it was a huge success. Both families were pleased to meet each other.

Wedding prep…

We thank God for the understanding he put between us. This made the whole preparations easy… not totally easy but the normal wedding anxiety. From picking of outfits to decision on a lot of things and concepts. It was time for our civil wedding and pre wedding shot and I had to fly to Lagos. We had our pre wedding shot on 27th of August and civil wedding on 31st of August.

Civil wedding pictures…

Pre wedding pictures…

Traditional Wedding pictures…

Nikkah and reception pictures…

After marriage life…

Now we are married and we are living our best lives. We are happy and we are happier we didn’t give up on ourselves. We are ready for the blessings Allah has for us and together we have decided to go through life together. So help us God.

God bless #Themayorsralleey

Advice for singles…

Do not put pressure on yourself. Gods time is the best, enjoy your life. Marriage is a lifetime commitment. Make sure you choose a partner that that you love for the sake of God. LOVE is not enough. FRIENDSHIP, SACRIFICE, UNDERSTANDING a lot more… make up marriage. I am not a marriage counsellor lol. I am just advising from little experience and what the elders have advised me too. I don’t know it all and I am hopeful and prayerful that mine be counted among the best by Gods grace. 


Thanks for reading.




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